The Custom Contour Rocker by River Works Studios


Wood Type:  Wenge/ Zebrawood

Stain Color:   Natural
Finishes:       Clear Gloss

Dimensions:  38"H - 35"W - 42"D

Construction Method:
Traditional joinery, mortise and tenon








This unique rocker design is one of the most comfortable rocking chairs you will ever find.  Each of the back spindles individually twist and bend to the contour of your back and yet still provide you firm support.  The flexing and rotating automatically adjust to each individual base on the shape of their back.  The seat is contoured for comfort and the front edge is and rounded and recessed for your legs.  The arm rests come off the back side supports and rotate out and under your forearms to provide a natural and comfortable support.

  The strong contrasting grain of the zebrawood along with the complimentary wenge accents, clean lines, and superior craftsmanship make this rocker a work of art.  It's truly is as beautiful to look at as it is to sit in.


"This hand-sculpted rocker is available in many different wood combinations. It is traditionally made in walnut, cherry, or curly maple.  It is available in any exotic timber. Timber selection may alter some construction methods and I would be glad to discuss these considerations with you."


 Kim Diment - Wildlife Dimensions



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