The Bow Armed Morris Chair by River Works Studios

Wood Type:  Wenge, Zebra Wood
Stain Color:   Natural & Dark
Finishes:       Clear Gloss

Dimensions:  38"H - 35"W - 42"D

Construction Method:
Traditional through tenon joinery throughout




This classic design was original adapted by Morris & Company from a chair in England around 1866. It is an early form of a reclining chair and features a hinged back which is adjusted between the fixed arms by a row of pegs in the rear of the arms. The special version of the Morris chair from River Works Studios features artfully curved and laminated arms with matching wood grain.  The arms are from a single solid piece of wood, sawn, laminated and bent into the graceful curve you see here.  Note the matching end grain patter at the end of the arm in the detail photograph above. Each square wood plug is hand cut, hand shaped and fitted  The attention to detail is seen everywhere in this special chair, from the wood itself, the shapes, construction and right down to the pegs and plugs. The unique cowhide upholstery is no exception to the overall quality of this chair.  It is beautiful in its own right and truly compliments the beautiful wood work.

What Morris chair is complete without a matching footstool?The footstool is included with the chair and is matched to the chair in all aspects.



This chair is traditionally created using quarter sawn white oak. It is available in any timber choice and any hide selection, leather, or cloth of your choice.




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